LrMediaWikiMediaWiki for Lightroom (GitHub mirror) 4 years
V3Vagram's Vicious Vengeance (GitHub mirror) 5 months
ansible-rolesroles for the ansible configuration management system9 months
bibtoolbibiography management tool9 months
cgitRobin Krahl's fork of cgit9 months
dbfpC library for the DB timetable API9 months
dialog-rsDisplay dialog boxes using various backends (Rust library)4 months
dotfilesRobin Krahl's dotfiles9 months
garmossimple operating system9 months
libnitrokeyRobin Krahl's fork of libnitrokey3 months
midbroPacket Capturing for Intrusion Detection Systems (GitHub mirror) 18 months
nitrocliRobin Krahl's fork of nitrocli3 months
nitrocli-otp-qrRead OTP configuration from a QR code and store it on a Nitrokey device9 months
nitrokey-rsRust interface to libnitrokey9 months
nitrokey-sys-rslow-level Rust bindings for libnitrokey3 months
nkotpone-time password generator for Nitrokey devices on the command line9 months
ntwexperimental firmware for the Nitrokey Pro8 months
sqliteppC++ binding for the SQLite library9 months for using the network9 months
stst - simple terminal ( mirror) 4 days
st-patchesPatches for st - simple terminal9 months