ansible-rolesroles for the ansible configuration management system15 months
bibdirsyncsynchronization between BibTex bibliographies and local directories15 months
bibtoolbibiography management tool15 months
crates-registry-demo[no description]15 months
dbfpC library for the DB timetable API15 months
dialog-rsDisplay dialog boxes using various backends (Rust library)15 months
dotfilesRobin Krahl's dotfiles15 months
garmossimple operating system15 months
nitrocli-otp-qrRead OTP configuration from a QR code and store it on a Nitrokey device15 months
nitrokey-hidAccess nitrokey devices using hidapi14 months
nitrokey-rsRust interface to libnitrokey15 months
nitrokey-sys-rslow-level Rust bindings for libnitrokey15 months
nkotpone-time password generator for Nitrokey devices on the command line15 months
ntwexperimental firmware for the Nitrokey Pro15 months
sqliteppC++ binding for the SQLite library15 months for using the network15 months
st-patchesPatches for st - simple terminal15 months
cgitRobin Krahl's fork of cgit15 months
libnitrokeyRobin Krahl's fork of libnitrokey15 months
nitrocliRobin Krahl's fork of nitrocli15 months
wasm-cardRobin Krahl's fork of wasm-card
mirrors/LrMediaWikiMediaWiki for Lightroom (GitHub mirror) 15 months
mirrors/V3Vagram's Vicious Vengeance (GitHub mirror) 15 months
mirrors/libnitrokeyCommunicate with Nitrokey devices in a clean and easy manner (GitHub mirror) 15 months
mirrors/midbroPacket Capturing for Intrusion Detection Systems (GitHub mirror) 15 months
mirrors/nitrocliA command line tool for interacting with Nitrokey devices (GitHub mirror) 15 months
mirrors/stst - simple terminal ( mirror) 15 months