BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
develRemove explicit change of global allocatorDaniel Mueller4 months
masterBump version to 0.2.4Daniel Mueller5 months
nitrokey-0.4Temporarily disable with_password_safe to fix compiler errorsRobin Krahl3 months
nitrokey-0.4-try-intoSupply ExecCtx to try_* opDaniel Mueller3 months
readme-debianAdd Debian package to package list in readmeRobin Krahl9 months
topic/test-version-flagfixup! Manually handle -V/--version argumentRobin Krahl8 months
topic/with-device-fnIntroduce with_*device functionsDaniel Mueller3 months
versionRespect ctx.std{out,err} for version outputRobin Krahl8 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-06-01Bump version to 0.2.4HEADmasterDaniel Mueller
2019-06-01Update libc crate to 0.2.57Daniel Mueller
2019-06-01Clear cached PIN entry as part of pin set commandDaniel Mueller
2019-05-27Allow for disabling of secret cachingDaniel Mueller
2019-05-27Require trailing comma in Enum macro's inputDaniel Mueller
2019-05-24Update cc crate to 1.0.37Daniel Mueller
2019-05-24Update libc crate to 0.2.55Daniel Mueller
2019-05-24Use full reference to AsRef in Enum macroDaniel Mueller
2019-05-24Allow for unused doc comments on macrosDaniel Mueller
2019-02-17Add test case for --version optionRobin Krahl