BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
broccoli-eventsAdd script to execute midbropasad & broRobin Krahl4 years
broccoli-testChange: user responsible for memory allocationRobert Gustafsson4 years
masterAdd timestamp to outputRobin Krahl4 years
shared-libraryFix memory leak causing not appended values to be allocatedRobert Gustafsson4 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-04-06Add timestamp to outputHEADmasterRobin Krahl
2018-04-06Fix typos in mid.bro, add actual value to outputRobin Krahl
2018-04-06Add output for the filtered register's predecessorRobin Krahl
2018-04-06Add timestamp and reboot command to rebootAndreas Lindhé
2018-04-06Add restart scriptRobert Gustafsson
2018-04-06Add logging service fileAndreas Lindhé
2018-04-06Add the logging and USB mount/umount scriptsAndreas Lindhé
2018-04-06Abort if the Bro connection diedRobin Krahl
2018-04-06Add success message after connectionRobin Krahl
2018-04-06Change lo to eth0 in systemd serviceRobin Krahl