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* Use nullptr instead of NULLRobin Krahl2018-02-15
* Use reinterpret_cast instead of C-style castRobin Krahl2018-02-15
* Move version information to constantsRobin Krahl2018-02-15
* sqlitepp_test.cpp: Add a test case with non-ASCII charactersRobin Krahl2017-03-25
* sqlite.cpp: Use ostringstream instead of +Robin Krahl2017-03-25
* sqlitepp: Fix the initializer order for the Statement constructorRobin Krahl2017-03-23
* Move sources directly to src and rename to .cpp.Robin Krahl2017-03-23
* Add lastInsertRowId, minor improvements.Robin Krahl2015-07-25
* Refactoring and update.Robin Krahl2015-07-18
* Initial commitRobin Krahl2014-10-17