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* Add clang-tidy tests to target checkstyleHEADmasterRobin Krahl2018-02-15
* Add rules to generate libsqlitepp.so.1Robin Krahl2018-02-15
* Move version information to constantsRobin Krahl2018-02-15
* sqlitepp.h: Add complete version as SQLITEPP_VERSIONRobin Krahl2017-03-27
* Makefile: Add version number to doxygenRobin Krahl2017-03-27
* Add version information to the Makefile and to sqlitepp.hRobin Krahl2017-03-27
* Makefile: Set the library directory when compiling sqlitepp_testRobin Krahl2017-03-27
* Makefile: Fix indentationRobin Krahl2017-03-25
* Makefile: Add a memcheck targetRobin Krahl2017-03-25
* Makefile: Add test target to run sqlitepp_testRobin Krahl2017-03-23
* Makefile: Add the library as a dependecy to the testRobin Krahl2017-03-23
* Move sources directly to src and rename to .cpp.Robin Krahl2017-03-23
* Move from CMake to a plain MakefileRobin Krahl2017-03-23