nkotp -- one-time password generator for Nitrokey devices on the command line

nkotp provides access to the one-time password (OTP) generator on Nitrokey devices on the command line. Both the Nitrokey Pro and the Nitrokey Storage support the generation of one-time passwords based on the HOTP and TOTP algorithms. nkotp uses libnitrokey to configure the OTP slots and generate OTPs on a Nitrokey device.


nkotp requires a POSIX-compliant operating system such as Linux or macOS.

Runtime dependencies

Additional build dependencies

  • gcc or any other C99 compiler
  • GNU make
  • pod2html, pod2man (usually distributed with perl)


Build nkotp with make. You can configure the build in config.mk if you have non-standard library paths or compiler flags.


For usage information, consult the man page nkotp(1).

Bugs and hacking

If you encouter a bug or if you want to contribute to nkotp, please send an email to nkotp-dev@ireas.org.


This program is published under the terms of the MIT/X11 license (see LICENSE).