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Check the USE_SYSTEM_LIBNITROKEY environment variable
This patch introduces the USE_SYSTEM_LIBNITROKEY environment variable. If it is set when compiling, the nitrokey-sys crate will not try to build libnitrokey from source but instead uses the system libnitrokey version.
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@@ -10,6 +10,11 @@ in the library search path:
- `libhidapi-libusb0` (on Linux)
- `libhidapi` (on non-Linux systems)
+If you set the `USE_SYSTEM_LIBNITROKEY` environment variable when building this
+crate, it links directly against `libnitrokey` instead of building it from
+source. In this case, `libnitrokey` must be available in the library search
## Versioning
The major and minor version of the `nitrokey-sys` crate map to the major and