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* Use map_err(|_| x) instead of or_else(|_| Err(x))Robin Krahl2020-08-30
* Remove custom source implementation for ErrorRobin Krahl2020-08-30
* Ensure Error trait implementationsRobin Krahl2020-07-08
* Remove Error::RandError variantRobin Krahl2020-07-08
* Remove sync::PoisonError from Error::PoisonErrorRobin Krahl2020-07-08
* Use find(…) instead of skip_while(…).next()Robin Krahl2020-07-08
* Remove unused importsRobin Krahl2020-07-08
* Refactor string handling in utilRobin Krahl2020-02-03
* Represent serial numbers using SerialNumber structRobin Krahl2020-02-03
* Use NK_get_status to implement Device::get_configRobin Krahl2020-02-03
* Implement From<&NK_status> for RawConfigRobin Krahl2020-02-03
* Merge branch 'hotfix-0.5.2' into nextRobin Krahl2020-01-28
| * Regenerate temporary passwords with null bytesRobin Krahl2020-01-28
| * Remove AuthenticatedDevice::temp_password_ptrRobin Krahl2020-01-28
| * Use CString to store temporary passwordsRobin Krahl2020-01-28
* | Always store serial numbers as integersRobin Krahl2020-01-28
* | Add String value to the Error::UnexpectedError variantRobin Krahl2020-01-28
* Fix serial number for older Nitrokey Pro in list_devicesRobin Krahl2020-01-15
* Document background operationsRobin Krahl2020-01-14
* Add the fill_sd_card function to StorageRobin Krahl2020-01-14
* Add the get_operation_status function to the Storage structRobin Krahl2020-01-14
* Derive Clone, Copy, Debug, PartialEq for StatusRobin Krahl2020-01-14
* Add the get_sd_card_usage function to the Storage structRobin Krahl2020-01-14
* Rename Status::get_status to get_storage_statusRobin Krahl2020-01-11
* Add support for the GET_STATUS commandRobin Krahl2020-01-11
* Add the connect_path function to the Manager structRobin Krahl2020-01-07
* Add list_devices functionRobin Krahl2020-01-07
* Add the DeviceInfo structRobin Krahl2020-01-07
* Implement conversion traits for Model and NK_device_modelRobin Krahl2020-01-07
* Add the Error::UnsupportedModelError variantRobin Krahl2020-01-07
* Simplify doc tests with resultsRobin Krahl2019-12-27
* Implement std::convert::TryFrom<Config> for RawConfigRobin Krahl2019-12-27
* Replace rand_os::OsRng with rand_core::OsRngRobin Krahl2019-12-27
* Refactor the device module into submodulesRobin Krahl2019-07-16
* Update rand_{core,os} dependenciesRobin Krahl2019-07-16
* Add force_take function to ignore poisoned cacheRobin Krahl2019-07-09
* Remove allow(deprecated) attribute for in lib.rsRobin Krahl2019-07-09
* Update documentation for Manager refactoringRobin Krahl2019-07-09
* Introduce into_manager for DeviceRobin Krahl2019-07-09
* Store mutable reference to Manager in DeviceRobin Krahl2019-07-08
* Move {Pro, Storage}::connect into ManagerRobin Krahl2019-07-08
* Move the connect_model function into ManagerRobin Krahl2019-07-08
* Move the connect function into ManagerRobin Krahl2019-07-08
* Add Manager struct to manage Nitrokey connectionsRobin Krahl2019-07-08
* Add ConcurrentAccessError and PoisonError variantsRobin Krahl2019-07-08
* Fix formatting error in device.rsRobin Krahl2019-07-07
* Update nitrokey-sys to version 3.5Robin Krahl2019-07-05
* Revert "Store mutable reference to Device in PasswordSafe"Robin Krahl2019-02-05
* Revert "Refactor User and Admin to use a mutable reference"Robin Krahl2019-02-05
* Store mutable reference to Device in PasswordSafeRobin Krahl2019-02-02