Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* Release v0.3.5v0.3.5Robin Krahl2019-12-16
* Fix triggers and source URL in CI scriptsRobin Krahl2019-12-16
* Update the nitrokey-sys version specification to ~3.4Robin Krahl2019-12-16
* Merge branch 'hotfix-0.3.4'v0.3.4Robin Krahl2019-01-20
| * Release v0.3.4Robin Krahl2019-01-20
| * Pass temporary password as *const c_charRobin Krahl2019-01-20
* Release v0.3.3v0.3.3Robin Krahl2019-01-16
* Add build with USE_SYSTEM_LIBNITROKEY=1Robin Krahl2019-01-16
* Document and test empty Git versionsRobin Krahl2019-01-16
* Add delay between factory reset and building AES key in testsRobin Krahl2019-01-16
* Build AES key after factory reset in testsRobin Krahl2019-01-16
* Make device::factory_reset test more robustRobin Krahl2019-01-16
* pws: Interpret empty strings as unprogrammed slotsRobin Krahl2019-01-16
* Fix result_from_string for empty return valuesRobin Krahl2019-01-16
* Fix typo: destory -> destroyDaniel Mueller2019-01-16
* Add CI build script for sr.htRobin Krahl2019-01-15
* Use rand_os for random data generationDaniel Mueller2019-01-14
* Add the clear_new_sd_card_warning method to StorageRobin Krahl2019-01-14
* Add the get_production_info method to the Storage structRobin Krahl2019-01-14
* Release v0.3.2v0.3.2Robin Krahl2019-01-12
* Add export_firmware to the change logRobin Krahl2019-01-12
* Add export_firmware method to StorageRobin Krahl2019-01-12
* Document unsupported outdated functionsRobin Krahl2019-01-12
* Add set_unencrypted_volume_mode to StorageRobin Krahl2019-01-12
* Introduce VolumeMode enum in deviceRobin Krahl2019-01-12
* Move the update PIN from tests/util to tests/deviceRobin Krahl2019-01-12
* Fix formatting in get_library_versionRobin Krahl2019-01-12
* Update readme and todo for NK_get_device_modelRobin Krahl2019-01-11
* Add the wink method to the Storage structRobin Krahl2019-01-11
* Add the get_library_version functionRobin Krahl2019-01-11
* Check InvalidHexString error in otp test suiteRobin Krahl2019-01-09
* Fix otp::totp_error test caseRobin Krahl2019-01-09
* Do not check for errors in connect testsDaniel Mueller2019-01-09
* Make three more error codes knownDaniel Mueller2019-01-09
* Release v0.3.1v0.3.1Robin Krahl2019-01-07
* Add the connect_model functionRobin Krahl2019-01-07
* Rename device::connect_model to device::connect_enumRobin Krahl2019-01-07
* Document the Undefined error for the connect methodsRobin Krahl2019-01-07
* Add support for the hidden volumes on a Nitrokey StorageRobin Krahl2019-01-06
* Fix example for GenerateOtp::get_totp_codeRobin Krahl2019-01-05
* Update README after test refactoringRobin Krahl2019-01-05
* Prefer assert_eq over is_ok() checksDaniel Mueller2019-01-05
* Adjust PWS tests to use nitrokey-test crateDaniel Mueller2019-01-05
* Adjust OTP tests to use nitrokey-testDaniel Mueller2019-01-05
* Use nitrokey-test for nitrokey device testsDaniel Mueller2019-01-05
* Release v0.3.0v0.3.0Robin Krahl2019-01-04
* Update documentation and test for factory_resetRobin Krahl2019-01-04
* Fix documentation test for Storage::change_update_pinRobin Krahl2019-01-04
* Add Storage::enable_firmware_update methodRobin Krahl2019-01-03
* Add Device::build_aes_key methodRobin Krahl2019-01-03