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Update list of new and unsupported functions
This patch updates the list of unsupported functions in the README and the TODO and the list of functions changed in the libnitrokey 3.5 release: - List all `*_as_string` functions as unsupported. - List deprecated functions as unsupported. - List `NK_read_HOTP_slot` as unsupported until an equivalent function for TOTP exists. - Ignore the changes to `NK_get_progress_bar_value` as the function is not yet used by `nitrokey-rs`. - Add the new functions from version 3.5 to the list of missing functions.
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@@ -28,13 +28,6 @@ supported by `nitrokey-rs`:
- `NK_get_device_model`. We know which model we connected to, so we can
provide this information without calling `libnitrokey`.
-- `NK_get_time`. This method is useless as it will always cause a timestamp
- error on the device (see [pull request #114][] for `libnitrokey` for details).
-- `NK_get_status`. This method only provides a string representation of
- data that can be accessed by other methods (firmware version, serial number,
- configuration).
-- `NK_get_status_storage_as_string`. This method only provides an incomplete
- string representation of the data returned by `NK_get_status_storage`.
- `NK_is_AES_supported`. This method is no longer needed for Nitrokey devices
with a recent firmware version.
- `NK_set_unencrypted_volume_rorw_pin_type_user`,
@@ -42,6 +35,11 @@ supported by `nitrokey-rs`:
methods are only relevant for older firmware versions (pre-v0.51). As the
Nitrokey Storage firmware can be updated easily, we do not support these
outdated versions.
+- `NK_totp_get_time`, `NK_status`. These functions are deprecated.
+- `NK_read_HOTP_slot`. This function is only available for HOTP slots, not for
+ TOTP. We will support it once both types are supported by `libnitrokey`.
+- All `*_as_string` functions that return string representations of data
+ returned by other functions.
## Tests
@@ -82,7 +80,6 @@ under the [LGPL-3.0][].
[`libnitrokey`]: https://github.com/nitrokey/libnitrokey
[`nitrokey-test`]: https://github.com/d-e-s-o/nitrokey-test
[nitrokey-rs-dev@ireas.org]: mailto:nitrokey-rs-dev@ireas.org
-[pull request #114]: https://github.com/Nitrokey/libnitrokey/pull/114
[MIT license]: https://opensource.org/licenses/MIT
[LGPL-3.0]: https://opensource.org/licenses/lgpl-3.0.html
[reuse]: https://reuse.software/practices/2.0/