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* Prepare v0.2.v0.2Robin Krahl2014-08-25
* Fix #9: Add 'Preview generated wikitext' button to export dialog.Robin Krahl2014-08-25
* Fix #5: Ask for comment for reuploads and #6: Allow new filenames for duplica...Robin Krahl2014-08-25
* Fix #8: Remove fallback description.Robin Krahl2014-08-24
* Follow-up: Add translation.Robin Krahl2014-08-24
* Fix #7: Move file description to plugin metadata.Robin Krahl2014-08-24
* Add categories field to the file metadata (see #7).Robin Krahl2014-08-24
* Fix #3: –License dropdownRobin Krahl2014-08-21
* Initial commit.v0.1Robin Krahl2014-08-21