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* scripts: add release.sh scriptHEADmasterRobin Krahl2016-02-21
* MediaWikiExportServiceProvider: remove warning if heading is not setHasenlaeufer2016-02-21
* Revert new version and changelog entry.Robin Krahl2016-02-11
* Extract GPS heading from EXIF for {{Location}}Hasenlauefer2016-02-11
* Fix lua and luacheck installation in .travis.yml.Robin Krahl2016-01-31
* MediaWikiApi: Fix wrong indexingRobin Krahl2016-01-11
* Fix typo in TranslatedStrings_de.txt and prepare v0.4.1.v0.4.1Robin Krahl2015-10-06
* v0.4 released.v0.4Robin Krahl2015-06-28
* Add custom keyword when exporting.Robin Krahl2015-06-28
* Add option to populate a gallery.Robin Krahl2015-06-28
* Fix code style issues.Robin Krahl2015-06-27
* Check for new versions after start.Robin Krahl2015-06-27
* Remove unused variable.Robin Krahl2015-06-27
* Merge branch 'master' of github.com:robinkrahl/LrMediaWikiRobin Krahl2015-06-27
| * Add configuration for snapshot creation.Robin Krahl2015-06-27
* | Add configuration for snapshot creation.Robin Krahl2015-06-27
* Add a configuration section to the plugin information dialog.Robin Krahl2015-06-27
* v0.3.1 released.v0.3.1Robin Krahl2015-06-27
* Add logging support and fix refactoring errors.Robin Krahl2015-06-27
* Proper layout for export dialog.Robin Krahl2015-06-27
* Use Lua 5.1 for Travis CI.Robin Krahl2015-06-27
* Merge branch 'master' of github.com:robinkrahl/LrMediaWikiRobin Krahl2015-06-27
| * Fix typo in CHANGELOG.md.Robin Krahl2015-06-27
* | Fix coding style and add `luacheck` to Travis CI.Robin Krahl2015-06-27
* Update Info.lua for v0.3.v0.3Robin Krahl2015-06-27
* v0.3 released.Robin Krahl2015-06-27
* Avoid multiple spaces or underscores in file names.Robin Krahl2015-06-27
* Add Travis build statusRobin Krahl2015-02-15
* Merge pull request #39 from JeanFred/masterRobin Krahl2015-02-15
| * Add syntax check for Lua files with Travis-CIJean-Fred2015-02-14
* Improve error message for API warningsRobin Krahl2015-02-02
* Add hours, minutes and seconds to the date field of the description.Robin Krahl2015-02-01
* Allow empty descriptions for reuploadsRobin Krahl2014-11-08
* Add snapshot on exportRobin Krahl2014-11-08
* Check for empty HTTP statusRobin Krahl2014-11-01
* Add permission field to export dialogRobin Krahl2014-11-01
* Move file description template into a separate fileRobin Krahl2014-11-01
* Use improved string formattingRobin Krahl2014-11-01
* Prepare v0.2.3.v0.2.3Robin Krahl2014-10-06
* Fix #23: [string "MediaWikiApi.lua"]:68: table index is nilRobin Krahl2014-10-06
* Fix #22: Add image sizing and sharpening option to export dialogRobin Krahl2014-09-17
* Update README.mdRobin Krahl2014-09-17
* Update README.mdRobin Krahl2014-09-17
* Update changelog (fix typo)Robin Krahl2014-09-17
* Update changelog for v0.2.2Robin Krahl2014-09-17
* Version 0.2.2.v0.2.2Robin Krahl2014-09-08
* Fix typo, increase license box width.Robin Krahl2014-09-08
* Fix #15: Show {{Location}} template in wikitext preview.Robin Krahl2014-09-02
* Fix #14: Add ‘Other templates’ field to metadata.Robin Krahl2014-09-02
* Fix #13: Add LrMediaWiki version to upload comments.Robin Krahl2014-09-02