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# LrMediaWiki changelog
+## v0.2.1: Templates! (2014-08-31)
+The third beta release of **LrMediaWiki** improves template handling: There is
+an additional field for templates to be added below `{{Information}}`, but
+above the license section, e. g. for `{{Panorama}}` or `{{Personality rights}}`.
+Furthermore a `{{Location}}` template is added automatically if there is GPS
+### Fixed issues
+ - #10: Show file settings section in export dialog (enhancement)
+ - #11: Add ‘other templates’ field (enhancement)
+ - #12: Add {{Location}} if GPS metadata is set (enhancement)
## v0.2: New metadata and improved reuploads (2014-08-25)
The second beta release of **LrMediaWiki** moves the per-file metadata
(description and categories) to dedicated metadata fields. Furthermore the