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diff --git a/include/garmos/arch.h b/include/garmos/arch.h
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--- a/include/garmos/arch.h
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#include <garmos/types.h>
+ * The functions in this header depend on the architecture. They should be
+ * provided by objects from the architecture.
+ */
+/* write data to a port */
+void prtset8(const uint16_t port, const uint8_t val);
+void prtset16(const uint16_t port, const uint16_t val);;
+void prtset32(const uint16_t port, const uint32_t val);
+/* read data from a port */
+uint8_t prtget8(const uint16_t port);
+uint16_t prtget16(const uint16_t port);
+uint32_t prtget32(const uint16_t port);
+/* set a memory register */
void regset8(const uint32_t reg, const uint8_t val);
+void regset16(const uint32_t reg, const uint16_t val);
+void regset32(const uint32_t reg, const uint32_t val);