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* Add FileSelection dialog typeReyk Floeter2019-12-10
* Implement Default for all backend structsRobin Krahl2019-10-27
* Fix clippy complaints that don't change the semanticsStephan Sokolow2019-10-25
* Add the stdio backendRobin Krahl2019-01-11
* Return Box<dyn Backend> in default_backend()Robin Krahl2019-01-11
* Add the Password dialog boxRobin Krahl2019-01-08
* Refactor io::Error into custom Error enumRobin Krahl2019-01-08
* Add question dialog boxesRobin Krahl2019-01-08
* Add input dialog boxesRobin Krahl2019-01-08
* backends/Dialog: Add support for output handlingRobin Krahl2019-01-08
* Implement message boxes using the dialog backendRobin Krahl2019-01-08