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* man: add man pages for dbfp_query_departure, dbfp_departure_closeRobin Krahl2016-06-10
* dbfp: add man pages for dbfp_location_close, dbfp_query_locationRobin Krahl2016-06-08
* dbfp: add man pages for dbfp_init, dbfp_closeRobin Krahl2016-06-06
* Makefile: add memcheck ruleRobin Krahl2016-03-10
* add rudimentary location supportRobin Krahl2016-03-08
| | | | | | | | | | | The function dbfp_query_location_name performs the location.name query and returns a list of all stations that match the search term. The implementation has two flaws: there is no URL encoding, and malformatted query results will not lead to a meaningful error message. There are two new test cases: basic tests some basic functionality, as setting the API key and accessing the API. location adds a simple test for the location.name query.
* initial commitRobin Krahl2016-02-26