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authorRobin Krahl <me@robin-krahl.de>2016-03-08 04:43:39 +0100
committerRobin Krahl <me@robin-krahl.de>2016-03-08 04:43:39 +0100
commit1648e81474b552ba499102e13f9f3ed863501757 (patch)
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parent745c643c2f900c8efeb0ac0a8ea3a519b3a790ac (diff)
add rudimentary location support
The function dbfp_query_location_name performs the location.name query and returns a list of all stations that match the search term. The implementation has two flaws: there is no URL encoding, and malformatted query results will not lead to a meaningful error message. There are two new test cases: basic tests some basic functionality, as setting the API key and accessing the API. location adds a simple test for the location.name query.
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1 files changed, 17 insertions, 1 deletions
diff --git a/dbfp.h b/dbfp.h
index 2efd5e1..7c786c7 100644
--- a/dbfp.h
+++ b/dbfp.h
@@ -7,13 +7,29 @@
#ifndef DBFP_H_
#define DBFP_H_
-#define DBFP_BASE_URL "http://open-api.bahn.de/bin/rest.exe"
+#include <stddef.h>
struct dbfp {
char *key;
+struct dbfp_status {
+ int error;
+ int run_error;
+ int parse_error;
+ int curl_error;
+ int api_error;
+struct dbfp_location {
+ char *name;
+ char *id;
int dbfp_init(struct dbfp *dbfp, char *key);
void dbfp_close(struct dbfp *dbfp);
+struct dbfp_status dbfp_query_location_name(struct dbfp *dbfp, char *input,
+ size_t *n, struct dbfp_location **out);
#endif /* DBFP_H_ */