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Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* tag: reference with "h" instead of "id"John Keeping2015-01-19
* ui-shared: remove toggle_ssdiff arg to cgit_commit_link()John Keeping2014-12-13
* git: update for git 2.0Christian Hesse2014-06-28
* ui-refs: simplify cmp_age logicJason A. Donenfeld2014-02-26
* print download link for reference string length == 1Christian Hesse2014-02-21
* filter: add page source to email filterJason A. Donenfeld2014-01-14
* filter: add support for email filterJason A. Donenfeld2014-01-14
* ui-refs: escape HTML chars in author and tagger namesJohn Keeping2014-01-12
* Replace most uses of strncmp() with prefixcmp()Lukas Fleischer2014-01-10
* Update copyright informationLukas Fleischer2014-01-08
* Add branch-sort and repo.branch-sort options.Jason A. Donenfeld2013-04-10
* use struct strbuf instead of static buffersJohn Keeping2013-04-08
* ui-refs.c: Refactor print_tag()Lukas Fleischer2013-04-08
* ui-refs.c: Remove global header variableLukas Fleischer2013-04-08
* Always #include corresponding .h in .c filesJohn Keeping2013-04-08
* Fix colspan valuesLukas Fleischer2013-03-20
* print_tag_downloads(): Free ref variableLukas Fleischer2013-03-04
* Free reflists after usageLukas Fleischer2013-03-04
* White space around control verbs.Jason A. Donenfeld2013-03-04
* Fix several whitespace errorsLukas Fleischer2013-03-04
* Merge branch 'stable'Lars Hjemli2010-08-03
| * ui-refs.c: avoid segfault on unparsed ref objectsLars Hjemli2010-08-03
* | ui-commit: Preserve path limit in links to commit pageJohan Herland2010-06-19
* | Merge branch 'lh/remote-branches'Lars Hjemli2009-12-08
|\ \
| * | Add support for remote branchesLars Hjemli2009-11-07
| |/
* | Add possibility to switch between unidiff and side-by-side-diff.Ragnar Ouchterlony2009-09-16
* ui-refs.c: improve handling of lightweight tagsStefan B├╝hler2009-08-16
* Make all tags viewableRobin Redeker2009-01-11
* ui-refs: avoid SEGFAULT on lightweight tagsRobin Redeker2009-01-10
* Merge branch 'full-log'Lars Hjemli2008-12-06
| * ui-log: add support for showing the full commit messageLars Hjemli2008-11-29
* | ui-refs.c: show download links for all tags referring to commit objectsLars Hjemli2008-12-01
* ui-refs: use cgit_tag_link()Lars Hjemli2008-10-05
* Make branches, tags and log play better together in the summary viewLars Hjemli2008-04-14
* Add ui-shared.hLars Hjemli2008-03-24
* Add separate header-files for each page/viewLars Hjemli2008-03-24
* Introduce html.hLars Hjemli2008-03-18
* Introduce struct cgit_contextLars Hjemli2008-02-16
* Add support for refs viewLars Hjemli2007-10-27