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* Applying the changes to the docs; by Peter Hartman.Christoph Lohmann2013-01-05
* Adding setb and setf and a comment about terminfo installation.Christoph Lohmann2012-08-29
* fixed makefile.Aurélien Aptel2010-09-02
* added manpage.Aurélien Aptel2010-09-02
* toggle ATTR_REVERSE on selected text, factored some code and fixed Makefile.Aurélien Aptel2010-08-31
* fix buildpancake2010-08-30
* use predefined OS macro instead of uname.Aurélien Aptel2010-08-30
* st now runs on Linux, OpenBSD and FreeBSD.Aurélien Aptel2010-08-28
* fixed backspace problem, updated terminfo entry and moved TNAME in config.h.Aurélien Aptel2010-08-19
* applied Devin J Pohly's st color info patches, thanks Devin!Anselm R Garbe2010-07-24
* added/removed files, updated Makefile.Aurélien Aptel2009-06-16
* backport of local changesAnselm R Garbe2009-05-10
* simplify MakefileMatthias-Christian Ott2008-07-21
* remove emallocz()Matthias-Christian Ott2008-07-04
* make st and std separate programmesMatthias-Christian Ott2008-06-14
* source utility functions out to util.cMatthias-Christian Ott2008-06-10
* slight changesAnselm R Garbe2008-06-01
* added some new files for the initial rewrite of st from scratchAnselm R Garbe2008-05-20