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* Use deletion instead of unimplemented constructorsRobin Krahl2018-02-15
* Initialize m_handle in DatabaseRobin Krahl2018-02-15
* Remove unnecessary consts from function declarationsRobin Krahl2018-02-15
* Add default constructors to UncopyableRobin Krahl2018-02-15
* Move version information to constantsRobin Krahl2018-02-15
* sqlitepp.h: Add complete version as SQLITEPP_VERSIONRobin Krahl2017-03-27
* Add version information to the Makefile and to sqlitepp.hRobin Krahl2017-03-27
* Improve build documentationRobin Krahl2017-03-24
* Move from CMake to a plain MakefileRobin Krahl2017-03-23
* Add lastInsertRowId, minor improvements.Robin Krahl2015-07-25
* Refactoring and update.Robin Krahl2015-07-18