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+- Decide what we want to do if passwords are too long: truncate, fail
+ silently, fail with error message (current solution). Affects
+ `read_user_password` and `read_password` in `nkotp.c`.
+- Consider moving some constants to `libnitrokey`, especially the maximum
+ password lengths and the number of HOTP and TOTP slots.
+- Find out the appropriate values to pass to `NK_get_totp_code` and
+ `NK_get_totp_code_PIN`. Affects `otp_generate` and `otp_generate_password`
+ in `nkotp.c`.
+- Use a better seed than the current time stamp for the generation of the
+ temporary password (`generate_tmp_password` in `nkotp.c`). Consider
+ switching to a better random number generator in the first place
+ (`getrandom` for Linux).