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* Introduce into_manager for DeviceRobin Krahl2019-07-09
* Remove PIN constants from testsRobin Krahl2019-02-04
* Require mutable reference if method changes device stateRobin Krahl2019-02-02
* Add assert_any_ok macro to unit testsRobin Krahl2019-01-28
* Add unwrap_ok macro to replace unwrap in unit testsRobin Krahl2019-01-28
* Add license and copyright informationRobin Krahl2019-01-23
* Fix formatting in testsRobin Krahl2019-01-20
* Check specific error codes in the testsRobin Krahl2019-01-20
* Introduce the Error::UnexpectedError variantRobin Krahl2019-01-20
* Refactor library errors into LibraryError enumRobin Krahl2019-01-20
* Move the CommandError::Unknown to ErrorRobin Krahl2019-01-20
* Add assert_cmd_err and assert_ok macros to testsRobin Krahl2019-01-20
* pws: Interpret empty strings as unprogrammed slotsRobin Krahl2019-01-16
* Prefer assert_eq over is_ok() checksDaniel Mueller2019-01-05
* Adjust PWS tests to use nitrokey-test crateDaniel Mueller2019-01-05
* Preserve unknown error code valuesDaniel Mueller2019-01-03
* Fix formatting using to rustfmtRobin Krahl2018-12-30
* Refactor tests into the top-level tests directoryRobin Krahl2018-12-16