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* Add support for password safesRobin Krahl2018-05-29
* Add rudimentary support for the Nitrokey StorageRobin Krahl2018-05-29
* Group tests by tested functionalityRobin Krahl2018-05-28
* Improve log level documentationRobin Krahl2018-05-22
* Add an example for setting the current timeRobin Krahl2018-05-22
* Use drop() instead of disconnect()Robin Krahl2018-05-22
* Add support for change_admin_pin and change_user_pinRobin Krahl2018-05-22
* Add support for erase_hotp_slot and erase_totp_slotRobin Krahl2018-05-22
* Re-add segmentation fault issues to todo listRobin Krahl2018-05-21
* Use NK_login_enum instead of NK_loginRobin Krahl2018-05-21
* Add get_minor_firmware_version to DeviceRobin Krahl2018-05-21
* Update nitrokey-sys dependency to v3.3.0Robin Krahl2018-05-21
* Initial commitRobin Krahl2018-05-19