Midbro – Packet Capturing for Intrusion Detection Systems

Created by Robert Gustafsson, Robin Krahl and Andreas Lindhé in DAT300 2017 at Chalmers University of Technology. Copyright belongs to the authors.

All code is published under the MIT license: https://opensource.org/licenses/MIT


These dependencies are packaged in the Debian repositories, but are also available on other platforms.

  • Bro (bro)
  • Broccoli (libbroccoli-dev)
  • Tcpreplay (tcpreplay)


  1. Compile and export library path
  2. Start Bro
  3. Start the consumer (midbro_test)
  4. Send network traffic

Example usage:

The commands below assume you are in the root directory of this repository.

0. Compile & export path

make export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$(pwd)/lib

Example: make midbro_test

1. Start Bro

sudo bro -b -C -i lo script/mid.bro Log::default_writer=Log::WRITER_NONE

2. Start the consumer (midbro_test)


3. Send network traffic

sudo tcpreplay -i lo -M 100.0 livedata.cap