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* idt: add interruption handlingRobin Krahl2017-03-06
| | | | | | | | The Interruption Descriptor Table (IDT) is implemented in idt.{c,h} as part of the core, but the setup and activation of the IDT and the registration of specific interruption request handlers is part of arch.{c,h}. The request handlers are implemented in idt.s and delegate to kernel_handle_interrupt.
* kernel: add debug function ker_dbgRobin Krahl2017-03-06
| | | | | ker_dbg writes a string to the terminal. In future, it might also write to a text file, to the serial console or other channels.
* gdt: add simple gdt implementationRobin Krahl2017-03-05
| | | | | | Add a simple Global Descriptor Table implementation based on [0]. [0] http://www.lowlevel.eu/wiki/Global_Descriptor_Table
* initial commitRobin Krahl2017-03-05