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* Add FileSelection dialog typeReyk Floeter2019-12-10
| | | | | | | | | This patch adds the FileSelection struct representing a file selection dialog. It can be displayed using the backend’s show_file_selection function. Currently, we only support file open dialogs (i. e. choosing an existing file). Support for save dialogs should be added in the future.
* Implement Default for all backend structsRobin Krahl2019-10-27
| | | | | | This fixes the clippy warning new_without_default [0]. [0] https://rust-lang.github.io/rust-clippy/master/index.html#new_without_default
* Fix clippy complaints that don't change the semanticsStephan Sokolow2019-10-25
| | | | (Clippy also complains about `new()` without `impl Default`)
* Add the stdio backendRobin Krahl2019-01-11
This patch adds the stdio backend which acts as a fallback backend and uses standard input and output. For password queries, the rpassword crate is used to suppress output. Also, default_backend is changed to return Stdio if Dialog is not available.