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authorLars Hjemli <hjemli@gmail.com>2008-04-08 21:29:21 +0200
committerLars Hjemli <hjemli@gmail.com>2008-04-08 21:29:21 +0200
commit23296ad648c0e2a9e3cf40a3de322b10ad25cce3 (patch)
tree136493d8228b0ff4971feb06b0e8aee296367b00 /ui-patch.c
parente2a44cf0923398396b7a321d5ce894ad3bf6f580 (diff)
parentc6f747649ace1a92ed5dfaae9cc1ea3affe0bf51 (diff)
Merge branch 'lh/cleanup'
* lh/cleanup: (21 commits) Reset ctx.repo to NULL when the config parser is finished Move cgit_parse_query() from parsing.c to html.c as http_parse_querystring() Move function for configfile parsing into configfile.[ch] Add cache.h Remove global and obsolete cgit_cmd Makefile: copy the QUIET constructs from the Makefile in git.git Move cgit_version from shared.c to cgit.c Makefile: autobuild dependency rules Initial Makefile cleanup Move non-generic functions from shared.c to cgit.c Add ui-shared.h Add separate header-files for each page/view Refactor snapshot support Add command dispatcher Remove obsolete cacheitem parameter to ui-functions Add struct cgit_page to cgit_context Introduce html.h Improve initialization of git directory Move cgit_repo into cgit_context Add all config variables into struct cgit_context ...
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1 files changed, 7 insertions, 3 deletions
diff --git a/ui-patch.c b/ui-patch.c
index 7ee2c41..c1c4ce3 100644
--- a/ui-patch.c
+++ b/ui-patch.c
@@ -7,6 +7,8 @@
#include "cgit.h"
+#include "html.h"
+#include "ui-shared.h"
static void print_line(char *line, int len)
@@ -68,7 +70,7 @@ static void filepair_cb(struct diff_filepair *pair)
html("Error running diff");
-void cgit_print_patch(char *hex, struct cacheitem *item)
+void cgit_print_patch(char *hex)
struct commit *commit;
struct commitinfo *info;
@@ -76,7 +78,7 @@ void cgit_print_patch(char *hex, struct cacheitem *item)
char *patchname;
if (!hex)
- hex = cgit_query_head;
+ hex = ctx.qry.head;
if (get_sha1(hex, sha1)) {
cgit_print_error(fmt("Bad object id: %s", hex));
@@ -95,7 +97,9 @@ void cgit_print_patch(char *hex, struct cacheitem *item)
patchname = fmt("%s.patch", sha1_to_hex(sha1));
- cgit_print_snapshot_start("text/plain", patchname, item);
+ ctx.page.mimetype = "text/plain";
+ ctx.page.filename = patchname;
+ cgit_print_http_headers(&ctx);
htmlf("From %s Mon Sep 17 00:00:00 2001\n", sha1_to_hex(sha1));
htmlf("From: %s%s\n", info->author, info->author_email);
html("Date: ");